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When you strength train, you get more calorie-torching bang for your buck. Working with weights keeps your body working long after you’ve stopped lifting. This is the process commonly called “after-burn.” There is much talk in exercise circles about the body’s ability to continue burning calories after exercise, the body takes between 15 minutes and 48 hours to return to a resting state after exercise. This means you can continue burning calories after you exercise!

Many women miss out on the benefits of strength training out of fear of developing bulging muscles. This is a misconception, high levels of estrogen make it very difficult for women to become overly muscular. When women lift weights, the changes to their muscles are generally related to tone, strength, and endurance rather than size. The resulting look is firm, feminine toning, not bulky masculine muscles. Fit is the new slim!


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Adam Grootveld

Adam Grootveld

My passion for sport and training began many years ago when I played Lacrosse for both state and Australian teams. It was in these early years that I developed my drive, determination and skill set that I would need to train others.

I enjoy taking everything I have learnt from my many years of training and working with dedicated clients to get actual results!

Our personal trainers are highly qualified and highly experienced. Let our trainers who you how to get the best results, fast and keep them!

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